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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tips For Chossing the Right Toys

In choosing toys for your child, you should choose toys that are educational and creative value to the growth and development of infants and children. So it is very important if we know about the toys, baby toys, toys, toys online, remote control toys, educational toys, wooden toys, educational toys, baby toys in finding toys that can be useful for the little guy.

Toys that are necessary for the child under the age of the baby can be divided into a toy for babies 4 months, 6 months baby toys, toys for babies, cheap baby toys, baby toys 2 months, rent baby toys, baby toys 3 months, toys educational for babies, baby educational toys are as follows:


In this stage, the toy is indispensable for the development of the baby, because this is used to optimize the functions of the body of the baby. Not all babies need to be a toy in this stage must be met by buying. Many types of toys that can actually we present from our homes. So, buy a toy that does need to be purchased.


Broadly speaking, the same types of toys with the previous stage. It's just a baby ever increasing intelligence and mobility. His views had been able to focus for a distance of 1 meter. So you can use toys to train so the baby can:

* Enforcing the head while sitting position. We make your child feel at home playing in that position

* Achieved objects. Put toys on the distance that can be achieved. Pancinglah with tolling or calling his name. Sometimes he can win, sometimes not.

* Roll. When the baby is supine, ring toy on the bed where he lay. When the baby face down, ring toy on his head. Fishing line with a first baby show in front of her toys, then slowly slide into the destination

* Wake up from sleep position. Ring a toy in front of him. When she seemed interested, walked slowly away your toys

* Know the legs. If possible, attach a toy that jingles and not too heavy on his ankle. Or give him socks with flashy colors and can also have a cute decoration. This will encourage baby to lift his feet active and play around with it

* Move an object from one hand to another


Use your child hold a toy before. You'll be amazed at the response and skills increased dramatically. Toys that are still functioning to train the ability to sit alone, crawl, stand, vine and eventually learned to walk.


Use the previous toy in order to strengthen gross motor skills of crawling, standing and learning to walk. Build a more intensive interaction while playing with the baby, because babies begin to understand the words and like to imitate. Play alternately with the baby.

After the babies grow into children, then surely we are looking for toys that are different from the days of baby toys. Look for childhood toys, toys online, toys a year, cheap toys, wholesale toys, creative toys, girls toys, boys toys, educational toys, toy car in accordance with the growth of their each child, or ask your doctor / psychiatrist who accompanied the growth of our children.

We also need educational toys that can support your child intelligence.

What is educational toys, the following characteristics:

- Specially made to stimulate the basic skills in young children from infancy.

- It has many functions and benefits.

That is, there are several variations of toys in a toy so that the stimulation obtained by the child.

- Encourage problem-solving capabilities.

puzzle toys apart pairs or very helpful to this process.

- Train the accuracy, patience and perseverance of children.

So do not just simply enjoy, but the baby also demanded thoroughness, patience and perseverance when to play it.

- Train the basic concepts.

The children are taught to recognize and develop basic skills such as shapes,

color, texture, scale. Educational toys can also be used to train the fine motor nerves apart from the above function.

- Creativity is stimulated child.

So that our children will be increasingly creative in its development through a variety of toys that are made.

The function of creative and educational toys as a little creativity stimulus, so it does not need expensive toys appropriate for your child can learn creativity through the toy. Look for an online baby store providing educational toys on the internet, selling toys, baby toys, sell toys online, cheap toys, Little Tikes toys, educational toys, educational toys, buy toys online, buy baby toys, sell toys children, selling toys online, cheap kids toys, kids toys, buy toys.

With a little creativity can make your own mother's toy for the little guy, very nice when mothers engage their children in making toys, so your child can also learn to be creative, cooperation and togetherness can be created between mother and child.

Do not forget to continue to accompany your child during play, this is to maximize the stimulation of growth and development of your baby. Hold your baby when it is getting fed up and tired of using a sling kekhan.Juga to always take care of toys and toys to keep these toys remain viable for reuse.

Also, to get a cheap toy, look for toy wholesaler and toy wholesaler. Because if we buy at the toy store will be relatively more expensive than buying toys at wholesale.