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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Neocube 216pc Magnet Puzzle

Neocube 216pc Magnet Puzzle     If you ever need long hour fun, maybe this "Neocube 216pc magnet puzzle" is your answer. The NeoCube is an entertainment device that’s as unique as it is multi-talented. The 216, 3/16” neodymium spheres make the NeoCube a puzzle with literally billions of solutions. But that’s not all…
   Got this pros and cons bout this.

-Horribly addicting. (Maybe a con if you're trying to concentrate)
-Extremely strong!
-Easy to craft interesting shapes with.
-Fun to create your own puzzles to solve.
-Great price for tons of entertainment.

-I only rated 4 stars for durability because of the fear of losing some. I haven't noticed any scratching or denting in the spheres.
-Occasionally, I wish they would be a little easier to craft with, but not often.
-This may be outdated paranoia, but while the magnets are strong enough to be worn as a bracelet, I don't like taking them anywhere due to the fear of damaging any of my many electronic devices. It would've been nice if they came in some sort of case that would block out the magnetism when they were inside. I'm not sure if that's even possible, though.

(Keep Away from Children - Age 14+)
See the vid if you got lost