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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion is Hilarity + More Hilarity = More fun!. Imagine if the family card game 'Apples to Apples' was re-created by Hunter S Thompson and Charles Manson on an ether bender. That's what you get with 'Cards Against Humanity'. Highly recommended to adults with filthy, filthy minds.
Cards Against Humanity

I was a Kickstarter supporter of this game, and I have also purchased additional copies to give to friends. I'm a big fan. However, at almost exactly double the price-per-card of the main game (9 cents vs. 4.5 cents) I had some high expectations. I was hoping for some really awesome cards, with a very high hit to miss ratio. Unfortunately, after having mixed this expansion in with the main game and playing for a couple hours, it became clear that there were just too many duds. If I'm paying nine cents a card, I want the absolute hits! The best of the best! Not a card that has an icon of a ladle on it and then just the word "Ladle." This card, and many others in the expansion, feel too much like in-jokes that are probably hilarious to the designers and their circle of testers and just plain confusing to everyone else.

The best part of this expansion, therefore, is the blank cards. I humbly suggest that "Second Expansion" consist of nothing but blank cards. Then at least the in-jokes will be ones my friends and I actually understand.