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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera Bundle

Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera Bundle
Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera Bundle (Includes Floating Wrist Strap, 4GB Memory Card, and Camera Case) - Black Bundle (2nd Generation) NEWEST MODEL.With the Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera, everyone can get 720p HD video in a small, affordable package. Pop it in a pocket or purse so it’s ready whenever you need it. And the PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera can get wet or take a tumble and still come back for more. When the fun is done, the Share button and pop-out USB arm make it simple to e-mail videos directly to friends or upload to your favorite sharing sites1. It’s the everyday HD video camera that you’ll never go anywhere without.

Most reason to bought :
  • Surprisingly small and compact easy to hold 
  • nice design 
  • great battery life. 
  • 720p is good enough. better than dvd quality. 
  • Takes Photos! but it's like 1.0 megapixel not bad still. 
  • takes SD card! so you can switch out cards like a video cassette 
  • Front camera is protected from a "raised frame" to prevent you from scratching the lens..if you put and pull out of your pocket or purse.