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Sunday, December 18, 2011

LeapFrog Tag Learn And Love To Read Set

LeapFrog Tag Learn And Love To Read Set
    LeapFrog Tag Learn And Love To Read Set is A unique touch-and-talk device brings stories to life in the Tag Learn and Love to Read Set with a library of books and games from LeapFrog. This bundled set includes 13 books, a carrying case, and one Tag reader that can hold audio for up to 10 books at once. Funny voice-overs and cool sound effects add to the fun, helping children aged 4 to 8 years boost their confidence and their reading level.

This set includes:

A green Tag reader with USB cable (not purple as in the image)
Tag starter book
6-book Learn to Read book set 1, short vowels
6-book Learn to Read book set 2, long vowels
A carrying case, which can store all the books

     There is a lot to like about the tag reader system. It allows children to independently explore detailed reading concepts such as reading left to right, letter sounds, letter names, etc. There are quite a few ways to interact with the story. You can choose to read both pages at once, a word at a time, independent letter names, word names, silent letters, sight words, etc. The pictures have sounds or dialogue for different characters and objects, which my daughter found really entertaining. Some books also include interactive games related to letter sounds and word families at the end of the book.