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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase

Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase
This game is really fun, great for a group. It would have been infinitely better if there were a way to add more words to its dictionary though - an expansion slot, with add-on packs would have been a great idea.

As-is it's fun, but just doesn't have enough words. I took it on a camping trip and it was fun for 2 hours, until we ran out of new words. For $10 it's great. For its regular price of $25-30, not so much.

We have given this toy as gifts and played with it with many friends and everybody has appreciated and enjoyed playing with it. We have an older version and a new one. The older one has easier words but the buttons were not labeled well. The newer version has more phrases so it is a little more difficult but the problem is that the tiny electronic screen is hard to see unless the machine is held right in front of you. This does prevent your neighbors on either side "accidentally" seeing the word or phrase. The buttons on the new one are very clearly marked so mistakes don't happen. The older one had a voice that would announce the score of each team and at the end would exclaim "team 1 (or 2) wins!". The new one just displays this information on the previously mentioned tiny screen. Overall this is a game that is well worth having at home.